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Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 100 – Affordability Is The Key

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Are you searching for an affordable vacuum cleaner? Don’t hassle anymore! You can get the best vacuum under 100 that performs as perfect as a high-end vacuum. Most of these best vacuums under $100 are very versatile – they can be used for a variety of functions like cleaning your couch, carpet, hardwood and bare floor and even your car. The greatness of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the ability to perform fast detailed cleaning producing low or no noise at all.

We have handpicked and reviewed the best vacuum cleaner under $100.

1. BISSELL Clean View Upright Vacuum with One-Pass

The BISSELL Clean View Upright is a lightweight vacuum designed to offer you easy and fast cleaning. It has innovative brush design and powerful suction that rotates on the carpet to provide detailed cleaning. This vacuum features a cyclonic system that offers a strong, long lasting suction. It comes with a TurboBrush tool for cleaning furniture, upholstery, stairs and more. The entire machine is easy to use – the tank is easy to empty and wash.

Features and Specifications

OnePass Technology

vacuums under100This vacuum cleaner features OnePass Technology that provides thorough and precise cleaning. The technology is backed up by innovative brush design that rotate down into your carpet to clean further on initial pass. This vacuum completes the job using a powerful suction.

Long Lasting Suction

When you are cleaning, you require a machine that will hold for long. Now feel confident because you have found the best vacuum under $100 that will hold its cleaning power by use of its Cyclonic System. Whether you are cleaning your carpet or the sofa, this vacuum will complete the task faster than ordinary vacs.

TurboBrush Tool

If you want a cleaner that will tackle soft surfaces, then the BISSELL Clean View Upright may be your choice. It is a powerful tool that is perfect for furniture, upholstery, stairs and more. It gives these surfaces a fresh and clean look while maintaining their quality.

Easy to Empty Dirt Tank

A great vacuum should be easy to use. The ease of use includes emptying the dirt tank. This vacuum cleaner is simple to use and even to empty the dirt tank. You will be able to empty the dirt tank through the bottom open system.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Innovative brush style
  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting powerful suction
  • TurboBrush tool for furniture, upholstery, stairs and more
  • Easy to empty dirt tank and washable filter


  • It is lightweight and cleans fast.
  • It has an innovative brush that rotates to provide thorough cleaning.


  • It may start smoking sooner than you expect.

The BISSELL Clean View Upright is a great purchase. It is affordable yet it has excellent features like the Cyclonic system.

2. Shark Bagless Navigator Cordless Freestyle Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

The Shark Bagless Navigator is one of the best vacuum under 100 that will give you more cleaning freedom since it is cordless. It is designed to ensure that you clean the hard to reach areas like on top of shelves, under the cupboard and between couch pillows. The best shark vacuum comes with a swivel steering for superior maneuverability. It has two speeds to cater for different surfaces like bare floor and carpet. The large and easy to empty dust cup completes an excellent machine that most homeowners love.

Features and Specifications


This vacuum cleaner gives you the freedom that you want since it is cordless. It offers convenience cleaning ensuring you reach any places where the mess occurs. It is meant to relieve you the stress of carrying heavy and large vacuum cleaners.

Shark Bagless Navigator Cordless Freestyle Stick Vacuum (SV1106)Swivel Steering

Maneuverability is very vital when you are cleaning your carpet or bare floor. The Shark Bagless Navigator is a lifestyle cleaner that comes with a swivel steering to offer excellent maneuverability.

2-Speed Settings

If you want the best vacuum under $100 that can clean more than one surface, then here is a choice for you. This vacuum cleaner features 2 speed settings that have been optimized for bare floor and carpet.

Huge Dust Cup

The Shark Bagless Navigator comes with a large dust cup that is also easy to empty. You will do more cleaning and when the dust cup is full, you will appreciate the ease of removing the dirt.

Precision Charge

This vacuum has a powerful charge that supports more cleaning. The battery takes only four hours to charge.

Key Features

  • Cordless hence convenient for all washing
  • Swivel steering ensures superior maneuverability
  • 2 speed settings customized for bare floor and carpet
  • Huge and easy to empty dust cup
  • Precision charger – it takes only 4 hours to charge


  • It offers convenient cleaning since it is cordless
  • It has 2 speed settings for bare floor and carpet


  • It has a low suction power as compared to similar vacuum cleaners.

Despite the relatively low suction power, this cleaner offers quality cleaning. It has many great features that make it worth your cash

3. Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

The Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick is among the best vacuums under $100. It has excellent features that make it easy to use and perform detailed cleaning. This cleaner features a swivel steering that lets you maneuver and clean around furniture and other hidden places. The 2-inch power cord ensures you perform a compromised cleaning.

Features and Specifications

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030Cyclonic Technology

The Cyclonic Technology offers centrifugal force that ensures excellent cleaning. There is a perfect transition from hard floor to low pile and area rugs easily. The Cyclonic Technology combines with powered Brushroll to offer a thorough cleaning.

Swivel Steering

It comes with a swivel steering to enhance maneuverability around furniture and other areas with ease.

Extreme Recline Handle

To reach far hidden places, you require a vacuum cleaner with a handle that can recline fully and so does the Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick. It comes with a fully recline handle to ensure you reach the unreachable areas. You will appreciate the ability of this vacuum to reach under sofas, cupboard and high places.

Bottom Release DirtCup

The bottom release dirtcup enables you to see when the cup is full and ready to be emptied. This release system simplifies dirt disposal enabling you to clean without much hassle.

Key Features

  • Cyclonic Technology
  • Swivel Steering for maneuverability
  • Extreme Recline handle to allow you clean the hidden places.
  • 20-inch power cord with a simple release
  • Bottom release dirtcup to simplify dirt disposal


  • It has a swivel steering for excellent maneuverability
  • The handle reclines fully to enable you clean the hidden places


  • It is not perfect to pick pet’s hair or long hair

>>See more about best vacuums for long hair

The Hoover Corded Cyclonic is the best vacuum under 100 that will offer you uncompromising cleaning. It has a swivel steering and recline handle to enable you clean the hidden places.

If you want a cheap cleaner that will offer unparalleled cleaning, you can choose the best vacuum under 100 from the above machines. Don’t be convinced that only expensive vacuums are the best for cleaning – Some cleaning upholstery with steam cleaner even have more powerful suction than the expensive vacuums. The above best vacuums under $100 are now available in the market.

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All about How to Clean Wood Floors

laminate floor

The beauty of nature can never be replaced. No matter how many artificial things we make or how close we get to perfection, natural things all remain special. So is the case with the flooring of houses. The beauty that they bring into the houses is just delightful. That’s the reason realtors look for such houses as they get sold as hot cakes. Few other advantages being they are easy to be taken care of, they are never out of fashion and brings a tinge of traditionalism. Here we are concerned with how to clean wood floors. There is always a first step to everything, here it is to know what type of wood is used as your floors. After you know what kind of wood your floor is made of, you can proceed with how to clean wood floors.

One of the kinds of wood used is surface – sealed, which should make you happy in all possible ways. These surfaces are both water and stain resistant, hence you only need to sweep and mop the floor to keep it clean. No additional care is required for such floors. You are lucky to have such floors and manuals like how to clean wood floors will be an alien object for you. Another kind of wooden floor is the oiled kind. They are also said to be penetrating – seal treated wood floors. The level of care goes up a tad in this case. You need to buy special made floor cleaners for them. Wax or special pastes can also be used to clean them.

And in case the wood floor you have is a non treated one, utter most care must be taken. They can be cleaned as the oiled floors with more attention. Moping must be done with as less water as possible because untreated wood floors are not at all moisture resistant. The above ways will answer the question how to clean wood floors when it is based on the categories of wood floors. But there are several methods that one can follow in general to clean their wooden floors. One must always use a broom with soft and fine bristles to sweep such floors. If you have a vacuum cleaner or a robot cleaner for laminate floors, make it a point to use it at least once a week to get rid of the sand and dust.

When you are thinking of how to clean wood floors, you must be very clear on one thing, water is a big enemy of wood. If you have surface-sealed floors then it is not an issue at all, but one must still make it a point to get rid of any water coming in contact with floor as soon as possible. So whenever you are ready for moping, do so with very less amount of water and a very damp mop. You can always keep to some restrictions to reduce any damage to it. Try avoiding of wearing heavy shoes or high heel shoes or dragging of furniture as they cause damage

Factors that Constitute a Quality Laminate Floor

laminate floorFirst let us analyze the warranty factors. A comprehensive laminate warranty covers the following aspects of the floors performance: factory defect, normal wear and tear, fading, staining, denting and water resistance. A lower end warranty might not cover all of these aspects, and although the advertised warranty states ten years, this might refer to manufacturer’s defects only, whereas the performance aspect of the warranty might only cover a five year period. Also consider that although the wear and tear aspect of a laminate warranty covers a certain period, this does not reflect the fact that the floor might start to show wear and tear or loose its original luster after a few years of use.

Today, most laminate floor surfaces are treated with Aluminum Oxide, which makes these floors highly durable in terms of scratching and denting. However not all floors are created equal in that certain laminates receive up to nine coatings of aluminum oxide, whereas a lower quality floor might only be treated with a few layers of Aluminum Oxide. This translates into a scenario where these few layers of Aluminum Oxide will wear through in a short period of time, and conversely a floor with additional coatings will perform better when subjected to heavy foot traffic, and for a longer period of time.

Laminate floor cores range in thickness from 7mm to 12mm, with a thicker core offering more stability, making it less likely to buckle if subjected to high levels of moisture in the air, as well as offering a floor that is quieter to walk on. The other aspect of laminate floor cores is the ability of the floor to resist swelling when affected by water and sub-floor moisture. A good quality laminate floor core is treated with water repellent chemicals, which protect the floor from swelling when breached by water or excessive levels of sub-floor moisture. A good core should be coupled with a tongue and groove configuration that is also treated with water repellent chemicals, such as impregnated wax, which will prevent topical liquid spills from penetrating through to the laminate core.

Joint integrity refers to the ability of the tongue and groove locking mechanism to withstand the weight of heavy objects, as well as perform over the life of the floor. The locking mechanism of a good quality laminate floor is designed to withstand the weight of heavy household furniture and fit tightly together negating gapping or separation. Since the advent of glueless laminate floors, many manufacturers have invested large sums of money in research and development in search of a locking mechanism that will not fail even when subjected to abnormally high levels of impact force or weight. The most successful configurations, in terms of binding strength and durability are patented and sold to other manufacturers.

Lastly, when purchasing a name brand laminate floor, one is not paying merely for the name, but for the quality of the materials, precise levels of engineering, and many years of research and development invested in the design and manufacturing process.

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